Organize files with cross-references:

- Employment Contracts
- Payroll/Time Cards
- Lease Contracts
- Dorm Contracts
- Utility Bills/Payments
- Internal Memos
- External Correspondences
- Architectural plans/improvements

Calendar Management

- Handle communications with the staff and tenants (regarding rules & regulations, Management policies, lease contracts, etc.).
- Act as a liaison of the company and communicate with bankers, lawyers, accountants and service providers such as Meralco, Manila Water, Cable TV, etc.
- Prepare PowerPoint presentations & design corporate logos/staff IDs (preferably someone who is knowledgeable in using iMac).

Requirements and Qualifications:

COMMUNICATE w/ tenants (especially dormers*) on rules & regulations,

Management policies, lease contracts, etc.
*the profile of dormers is mid-CD socio-eco class, rank and file employees working near or around Kalayaan/BGC.

- Must be proficient in writing and speaking English and Filipino.
- Must be resourceful and a fast learner, able to drafts of contracts/templates, etc. for my review.

COMMUNICATE w/ bankers, lawyers, accountants, and service providers*.

*Meralco, Manila Water, cable TV, architects/contractors, etc.

- Must be presentable, since she/he will be representing me, the Corp, the family.
- Must be results-driven. Can work offsite, but will require a min. of 3 days onsite for filing, coordination w/ staff, etc.

IT SKILLED -in Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Wifi, etc.

- Must be able to use Chrome for Gmail, and share tasks with Drive, etc.
- Must be able to coordinate/supervise/maintain installation/maintenance of TV/video monitors in office/meeting rooms/common areas, and front door card keys, as well as the "fingerprint time cards", etc.
- Must be able to coordinate a corporate domain using G Suite, to organize my Gmails (both personal and corporate mail).
- Must be able to design corporate logos, staff IDs, etc.
- Must be able to prepare PowerPoint presentations, etc.
- Must be able to get all concerned connected with Skype, Zoom, etc.
- Must be proficient w/ iMacs.


- Must be able to initiate/develop building/process improvements, etc.
- Must learn labour laws, etc.

Budget: 25k-30k per month (based on your qualifications)
Start Date: ASAP
Work Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (with occasional visits to the office)
Contract Type: Full-time

To Apply

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  2. Check your email for instructions and follow the next steps